The Strength and confidence to become a more powerful you!!

Men and Women’s 12-week strength training programme

The Strength and confidence to become a more powerful you!!

Doesn’t that have an awesome ring to it?

Do you feel that you lack that confidence in the gym when it comes to your training?

How many reps or sets should you actually be doing, at what weight and how should you be moving it?

Do you feel lost in the weights sometimes or most of the time?

What should you be doing to actually see progress and feel empowering?

Most of all, are you ready to make changes?

If you answered yes to 1 of those questions.
It is time to change something………

Strong is the new sexy is a comprehensive 12-week strength training program for both men and women.

For just £297 (£99 per month dd)

Full assessment.
Before and after photos.
2 Group sessions per week (learn to lift)
Online training app (with program).
Nutrition guidelines.
Full support.

Our aim is to teach you the fundamentals of building strength from the ground up.
Giving you the tools and the confidence you need to keep making progress.

This program is ready to book online via your registered account or for more information email or just use the button below to book your programme today.